Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Model Ekonomi Baru Najib ada banyak persamaan dengan Polisi Pakatan?

NEM: Kudos to Pakatan for a job well done

Yes, the title is not a mistake. The New Economy Model just announced by Najib is in effect an endorsement by Barisan Nasional of Pakatan Rakyat’s policies concluded a while ago.

Take a look at the following two documents:

Policies of Pakatan Rakyat (Look at Section 2 – Economy)
New Economy Model Part I (also Najib’s speech in announcing it)
Of course you will immediately spot the latter having a glossy and colourful cover and nicely done up formatting with tables and charts, which are all missing from the former. Mind you, as far as I know the Pakatan document was produced through collaboration of a group of highly educated and respected volunteers, whereas the latter has the hand of APCO, the Zionist consulting firm which costs Malaysia RM20 million.

Let’s get to the specifics why the two documents are essentially the same.

The theme of the economy policy of Pakatan is “Driving a High Performance, Sustainable and Equitable Economy”
NEM’s goal: “Three principles emerged clearly from the NEAC report – firstly, high income, secondly, sustainability and thirdly, inclusiveness.”

Pakatan’s stand on affirmative action is “Affirmative Action Policies Based on Need – Pakatan Rakyat recognises that all Malaysians are entitled to assistance based on need regardless of background“,
Najib said “there will be a renewed affirmative action policy in the New Economic Model, with a focus on raising income levels of all disadvantaged groups. It will focus on the needs of all our people“.

Pakatan proposes to “reform the tender system so that it becomes open, fair, transparent, and gives the best value for the people’s money”
NEM wants to “develop a competitive and transparent tender process, with set and clear rules for the whole Bumiputera community, made of both Malay and other indigenous groups“. (In this case, you can see the baggage of Najib manifests itself in the form of ambiguous treatment for Bumiputera participation.)

Pakatan wants to “introduce an Equal Opportunity Act to ensure that work opportunities are open to all”
NEM wants to “set up an Equal Opportunity Commission to cover discriminatory and unfair practices“.

In social safety net, Pakatan says “Those who have lost their income, the elderly, the disabled and low-income groups must be protected and also given the opportunity to enjoy the economic benefits of development”
NEM has “no Malaysian lives in poverty, that all get the chance to succeed and share in prosperity. While there are those who struggle on low-incomes and in harsh conditions, we will always provide special support to help lift them out of the poverty trap.”

There are many more similarities in key strategic intents. The primary difference between the two documents is that Pakatan’s comes with the specifics of what Pakatan will do to achieve those strategic intents, whereas Najib’s is still missing those details. By copying from Pakatan’s policy ideas, BN has in fact declared itself bankrupt of ideas on what to do with the dire situation of Malaysia and indirectly endorses Pakatan to be more competent.

I dare say majority of Malaysians hate BN after living through the many years of corruption and cruelty. But many of them always fear that any alternative to BN will disrupt the stability (or more correctly, continuity) that BN ostensibly brings to Malaysia. With the NEM endorsing Pakatan’s policies, it is now clear such fear is misplaced and Putrajaya is indeed a choice between BN and Pakatan

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