Thursday, August 20, 2009

Alahai Samy.......Sudah le TU! Dah Lama dah!

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 19 — MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, who is battling to stay in power against the wishes of the Barisan Nasional (BN) and the Indian community, says he will stay on as party president until 2015, well past his 11th term as president.

In March Samy Vellu was “elected” unopposed as party president for a three-year term which expires in 2012, after his sole challenger Datuk M. Muthupalaniappan was disqualified because he did not have the required nominations.

His decision to stay on until 2015 is also well past the due date of next general election which must be called by 2013 but is expected much earlier.

The 2015 time frame indicates Samy Vellu wants to re-contest in the Sungei Siput parliamentary constituency, which he had held since 1974 but lost to Parti Sosialis Malaysia leader Dr M. Jeyakumar last March.

“He wants to stay, win back Sungei Siput and retire in a blaze of glory,” said an MIC leader who attended the Sepang MIC meeting on Monday where Samy Vellu declared he would stay on

His declaration was front paged by the Makkal Osai Tamil daily today.

“We are all shocked by the declaration. He has the MIC in his grip and nobody dares challenge him. If he wants to stay then he stays…who can stop him?” the MIC leader said.

“The party leadership is in the grip of the Yes-men…the rest of us are all spectators,” the MIC leader said.

At the function to open the new Sepang MIC building, MIC sources said, Samy Vellu also lashed out at money politics and how certain leaders were simply buying up votes for as much as RM1,000 a delegate.

He did not name any person but it is no secret that some of the candidates contesting for the various posts are either multi-millionaires themselves or having the backing of millionaires.

Non-stop dinners at posh restaurants are the order of the day with cash in envelopes, air tickets and other “presents” thrown in to sweeten the high-end food.

Cash-poor contestants often wait outside these restaurants and meeting places to give leaflets to departing delegates.

Their main platform is reform but no one has yet spelled out what action they would take largely for fear Samy Vellu might come down hard on them.

One vice-presidential candidate was even issued with a show-cause letter for publicly saying the MIC needs “more wise men, not Yes-men.”

Samy Vellu also told the meeting he would double the MIC’s 3,000 branches to 6,000 over the next few years and warned branch leaders against getting carried away.

Tomorrow Samy Vellu is making public his “preferred” list of candidates for all posts, which MIC officials say would be a mixture of old and new faces.

All other contestants, and there are many this time, would be pitting themselves against the “preferred” candidates.

An anti-Samy Vellu movement is gathering force in the MIC and if it holds until polling on September 12, many of his candidates are going to crash.

Saturday is nomination day and all camps are mustering their supporters to rally for a big show.

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