Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Untuk Mereka yang Lompat parti-Renungkanlah...

The Independent - Fixers or Breakers
(by Anema Ferrar)

I refer to the Malaysiakini report Tee Beng quits PKR.

We are still in the process of establishing a national two-party (two-coalition) system after fifty years of having no real alternative to BN, and now there is a group that wants to make it a threesome.

We all know that for the next election the only way the ruling party, with all its unfair advantages, can be defeated is through one-to-one contests. Therefore, the independents' claim to be the real champions of reform is questionable.

Looking at them so far – Ibrahim Ali, Zahrain Hashim, Tan Tee Beng, and, according to them, a few more to come – one wonders, which of them will be the leader? Do they really have a common platform which will forge them into a solid and lasting group?

Without a credible party behind them, what can voters hope for from them? Or will they form a new party, approved overnight by the Registrar of Society (ROS) and ending up like Hindraf or Parti Cinta Malaysia, a spoiler side-show?

It has taken PKR 11 years of hard slog, sacrifice and a lot of faith to build a new and viable party, forging a strong working relationship between members and leaders from diverse backgrounds, overcoming one obstacle after another, and, together with our partners in Pakatan Rakyat, formulating a package of bold new policies which are finally in keeping with the aspirations of contemporary Malaysians.

Together we have also made ground-breaking achievements in bringing Malaysians of all ethnic groups together to chart a bright future for all. All thePKR members of Parliament and state assemblypersons were elected because they represented the party, and as such they are morally bound to support party policies and decisions, just as ordinary members are.

The party has its own channels for decision-making which are as democratic as is practically possible. If you want to leave the party because you have lost faith in it, that's your right. But when you actively lobby for others to join you in bringing down the party just because you are angry and frustrated, that is already something else.

I and tens of thousands of others have also been with 'reformasi' and the party since the beginning; sticking with it through thick and thin and we also have had moments of anger and frustration.

Why are your opinions better or of higher worth than mine or those of other leaders and members, giving you the right to try and destroy the party and frustrate Pakatan Rakyat's onward journey to Putrajaya? You are, after all, a small minority. To me your actions are profoundly arrogant and selfish.

We have stuck to the principles of our struggle, although over the years the methods and policies adopted to try and achieve this have changed. Rapid political moves, too, have had to be made to adjust to changing scenarios and demands.

This has not come easily and many sacrifices have had to be made. There have been mistakes and miscalculations, many risks taken, some working out, some not. That is inevitable in politics, and especially during this period of radical change in our country. Change takes time. It takes focus, patience and personal humility.

(dipetik dari Malaysiakini/letter)


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